I had lots of fun last night playing Vampire.

Now, that's nothing terribly new, since I usually have fun in roleplay sessions, but it's usually more about soaking up the ambient energy.In fact, the first Changeling session with this group just had me tagging along with a group of unknown characters and a scrum of gamemaster-run ones, and it wasn't as good as it could've been. This was totally different - two people were interested in learning about roleplay, and Vampire seemed to interest them, so the GM and his girlfriend would run an intro campaign. Oh, and he remembered I'd never played Vampire before, would I want to join them?

I got a pregenerated character, a wealthy Bostonian charityperson called Lawrence, who had been missing less than a year and was pretty heavy on the social skills. The upshot of all this is that, for once, I got a good part of the storyteller focus. Even better, the session was a huge unveiling scene, and I adore those.

Some plot synopsis. )

And then, people figured out I'd never seen Interview with a Vampire, so we watched it before they turned in for the night. I lay awake on the couch blissfully pondering the vagaries of love, beauty & happiness.


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