Night in a teapot
where water caresses
leaf, leaf water,
a light vapor
leaves the spout.


He eats. So his surroundings stay bare.
As long as he lives he needs to live
and to live he eats leaves.
when it's raining
don't let her get wet
and when it's storming
hope she won't catch a cold

and I also think
that this thinking
doesn't help things

because it will neither rain
nor storm for you
ever again

it's much worse
than you think
if you think
it's even worse

Amid trees a pigeon
chooses a tiny perch
revolves spinning on its axis
and comes spiralling down.

The charm of its descent rises
when it lacks room.


I wish I could comprehend
fury in its virtue
and make it into nature
as a tree roots into leaves.

Computer-guided and flawless
my mill starts in the morning
on the old lots of sad rice
stop go stop go stop go stop,

Though I know very well, body and soul,
that I need to deliver wild, and soft oats
and wheat, wheat, wheat
today and every day.

An unhealthy business.

ded. Heinrich Campendonck

Infinitely rustling silence of the nightly mistress.
Everywhere being mistress. Night adagio of erotica.
Stars stand ship anchordown on the mountaincrown.
Leaf falls to earth. Silent kiss.
Kiss sound child is silence.
Waxes mistress rustles brook glisten the lips of the water
tremble the millions of kisses of the stars
the ten thousand myriameter strong kisses.
Falls the beat of a bird in the blind night.
Falls the beat again. Falling still.

Up up up
close far everywhere
grow from the earth bloom the beards the valley waxes.
Up up up
sprout becomes circle from circle bloom circles
bloom birches build guirlandes howling guirlandes build madly.
Revolve the earthball circle revolve the earthball sphere
slide the sphere roll the ball over the mountains
over the climbing crown
over the eight thousand meter highest top
up up up. Falling. Falls the sphere.
Moon laughs circle. Moon stays.
Soldiers ten thousand clamber from the chasms
coalchasms diamond passes
climbing panting rising
golden grooves dark valley bright light lies white.
Hihi hihi cliquitis.
Whirl wiggle twirl trundle
crossing crossing circles whirl
trees grow wax stab the stars. Blooms birth breezes.
Climbing rising listing climbing rising.
Up up up

walls break falls. Falls toll.
Fall rattles toll.

Gallop rides hammer triremes see the seas.
Clap the hands haha
hoho chop the blocks
howl like the owls long loud sounds howling
listen sinister the trees.
Hihi ten thousand gleam the lights of worms
waft waft the sultry tenthousands in the valley.
Flicker twinkle rings break rings build
hordes become born
of gentle green light
light dancing shaft.

Shafts of light stand motionless
forest putrefy elms.
Motionless desire the stars.
Desire emote exist the steps
clap the steps clamber the steps close the steps up up up.
The stars want
to pierce the woolen clouds
the stars have
the stars take
the glowing blowing blooming stars
cast ladders against the mountain
climbing rising panting building towers driving blades in heaven's belly
laying ropes in the depths of the archways
drifting on milky ways glistening along glistening along
Ha the stars! bags full of asteroids
take take pick pick mow mow
smoky topazes emeralds rubies amethysts
weird birds wing away plumes wave wind
Great is the land where God is. We have the stars the closest to God.
Grow trees from earth's belly we gnomes
have taken heaven's belly
tainted heehee the chaste rustle of the milky ways.
Us. Stretches the nightly adagio the chaste mistress.
The lichts of glowworms the trees the nightingales beshat.
Our sperm is violet. Poison.

Adagio hoho! Fleeing falling from the ladders
jumping the chasms crowns grasp crowns bow quickly
slide silky nails in each other's humps slam
ever falling gnomeladders
gnomerings gnometrapezes on circulations hustle
fleeing faster fleeing ten thousand horse power fleeing.
Daybreak poison is the air the daybreak comes.
Fall fall. The valley. Fall fall.
The worms still glow.
Cast ropes pull ropes. Fall. Falling.
Go go go.
The nightingale still beats.
Go! Break neck break ribcage break phallus
the coalchasms
the diamondpasses
the treasures! the stars have extinguished

The final nightly bird beats.
Life. Bells knell over the wood. Being untarnished.'

BERLIN 15-17 MAY 1919


What I long for today
to wear a breezy summer dress
with bare shoulders, a low-cut
neck and back and especially nice
and loose around the hips

which I'd wear into the garden
the sun shines warmly, but the wind
keeps things bearable and makes
the dress move and then

you're there too of course and
you like the dress just as much and together
we take it off and hang it
from a branch

and lie in the grass to look at
such a breezy summer dress in a tree, that's
what I long for most today.

We'll buy a sweet sky-blue
serving maid for you
and for me a pleasant pink

Sundays we'll take them for walks
on a leash

There is no other way.

We will write our self-owned words,
refuse to worship the illusion of idleness,
clasp down on the enrapturing blade
of every single day
and live vigorously in every pore of the light.

Break out from your rooms of ivory haughtiness,
do not shelter in winged lies.
We kiss the world on its thousand wounds
and provide every bloody hour
with the face of love.

We will write
from the wisdom of our bafflement,
the force of delirious thought,
the beauty of hot pain
and the mercy of merciless acceptance.

Fear neither brand nor scourge,
do not flee into the safe garb of virtue.
We offer the ax of the honourable lackeys
a warm white throat of truth.

There is no other way.


Julianna Lacroix

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