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At The Hague, Beenie Man, a reggae artist who'd been rustled up to replace Snoop Dogg at Parkpop, has been precipitously dropped from the lineup after the festival heard about his homophobic exploits.

While Beenie Man has signed contracts promising not to bring any homophobic material and issued plenty of apologies, he apparently had no such contract for Uganda, where he brought Mih Nah Wallah, which advocates slitting queer people's throats. Considering that Uganda's debating instituting the death penalty for some queers, well...

His signing of the Reggae Compassionate Act is quite obviously a pose if he's willing to advocate violence against LGBT people at a Pepsi-sponsored contest. And now, he's coming to Brussels on Saturday! Groen!'s Bruno De Lille has told Couleur Café, the people organizing the event, to drop him from the lineup as well, where advocacy group vzw WISH had failed to do so before. And Couleur Café is not sponsored by Pepsi or Toyota; it's an ecological multicultural pro-tolerance world music affair, sponsored by such people as Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, Caritas Belgium, fourth world organisations and, oh, the Brussels government, who dropped €55,000 on the organisation of it.

If he doesn't get dropped, I'll see whether I can pop by on Saturday.
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