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Mar. 17th, 2010 09:07 am
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Well, my plan to pay more attention to actual European politics is proceeding apace, I suppose. The real issue is that I've never bothered with them before, so that analysis of the French regionals I wrote yesterday? It's full of bone-headed mistakes and misinterpretations, which swiftly came to light once I bothered looking up some primary sources. Oops? Please, enjoy some random statistics-mongering while you wait for a better post.

Largest victory percentage,
  • Independent extreme left — 4.19%
    Auvergne by Alain Laffont with a New Anti-capitalist Party list allied to two minor Green parties.
  • United extreme left — 14.24%
    Auvergne by André Chassaigne with a Left Party list allied with a minor anti-globalist party.
  • Green parties — 17.83%
    Rhône-Alpes by Philippe Meirieu on the united Europe Écologie list.
  • Socialist party — 40.93%
    Midi-Pyrénées by Martin Malvy with a Socialist Party list with a minor centrist ally.
  • Centrist Party — 10.43%
    Aquitaine by Jean Lassalle on a pure Democratic Movement list.
  • Presidential Majority — 34.94%
    Alsace by Philippe Richert of the united Presidential Majority list.
  • Extreme right — 20.29%
    Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur by Jean-Marie Le Pen on a National Front list.
Most lists going through to the second round, Nord-Pas-de-Calais with five. (Presidential Majority, Socialist Party, Left Front, Europe Écologie and Democratic Movement.)
Largest victory percentage of a coalition, the Socialist Party, Progressive Guadeloupe Party, Greens and Democratic Movement unity list in Guadeloupe gains 56.51% of the vote and thereby obviates the need for a second round.
Fewest absolute number of votes, Euskal Herria Bai, three Basque seperatist parties constituting a single list, with 250 votes.
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