Jan. 20th, 2010

It's a DualCore Dimension C521 slimline Dell, which means you have to put it on its side to put anything in the CD-rom drive, and it's just the most bizarre little thing. The processor is glued to the underside of the weirdest cooling unit I've ever seen, you have to remove the CD drive to get at the harddisk bay, it has no normal mouse or keyboard ports but six USB slots. And it has a mass of audio-ish ports on its back that I don't even recognize, also six. They're marked with constructions of brackets and bars that I think are astrological symbols for exoplanets.

(I'm not a hardware geek, but I love this thing anyway. It's like an evolutionary dead end. And, even with the 280V power supply, the best desktop machine I own.)

I haven't gotten around to installing ABP for Firefox yet, so I can actually see the ads LJ foists upon me for a change. And they're ads for a Hindi dating site, and the '1 weird old tip' ad localized to German for some reason? Must be a seventeenth-century banner ad.

Edit: The ad talks about belly fat reduction, yet the fat in the woman's face and limbs also decreases, and her breasts become less droopy. It's sort of like plastic surgery through wishful thinking.


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